Welcome to Austin Pro Bono!

Welcome to the blog section of the Austin Pro Bono community! We are beyond excited to be launching our new web platform for connecting nonprofits with skills-based volunteers in the Austin community. This new phase is a year and half in the making and we can’t wait to assist you all in bettering our community.

The Austin Pro Bono team is passionate about giving back to our communities.  We believe that anyone can make an impact and that it is our responsibility to make our world a better place. We hope to become another resource for you to expand your giving and to help you discover ways to give back you never thought possible.

To our nonprofit partners, we want to assist you in accomplishing your goals in new and innovative ways. Engagement with skilled volunteers will result in immediate cost savings as well as the creation of meaningful and lasting relationships with community members who are passionate about your cause and the work that you do.

Austin Pro Bono strives to partner with innovative and forward thinking businesses looking to find a way to give back on a corporate level.  Corporate giving not only builds strong and loyal employee teams, but giving strategies are often becoming deciding factors for potential hires in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This space will be a place for APB supporters to share their experiences and expertise. We hope that it will become a resource for your organization and will fuel your giving spirit. We are excited to offer our support and to get started on our new phase of improving the Austin community!